50-Year Anniversary in the US Navy

Today is the 50th anniversary of the day I joined the US Navy.

I raised my right hand and swore to defend the US Constitution August 31, 1965. That naive 19-year old had never been out of deep East Texas, never flown on an airplane, and certainly never thought about seeing the world. It would be another 120 days due to the Delayed Entry Program, before I departed East Texas for Navy Basic Training in San Diego, arriving there the night of December 28, 1965.

Today is also the 28th anniversary of my retirement from the US Navy. I retired in 1987, 22 years after originally joining in 1965.

In between, the Navy allowed me to travel the world and see cultures and things I never would have had an opportunity to see otherwise. I passed through or was stationed in: California, Florida, New York, Hawaii, Alaska, and Indiana, as well as: Japan, Guam, Okinawa (before it was given back to Japan in 1972), Nova Scotia, Scotland, England, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Greece, and Turkey.

My two sons were both born overseas in Scotland and Okinawa, and attended school in Italy, getting an education that would not have otherwise been possible, were it not for the US Navy.

I made friends all over the world in all five branches of the US military services, as well as other countries. Many of these remain friends of mine today.

What a wonderful ride it was. Today is an important day in my life.

Navy Veteran patch

A New Website

Over the past week, I have made some changes in my Domain Name Server and decided to also build a new personal website.

I now use Bluehost.com to host my Domain Name (http://www.hbauld.com) and use the website builder Weebly to manage that personal website there.

While it is not at all spectacular as far as websites go, it is just a little personal place where I can celebrate my Scottish roots and host my personal email accounts, a Contact Me form, and a link to this blog.

If you are reading this, I hope you will visit http://www.hbauld.com and leave your comments on the Contact Me tab.  You can also leave your comments here at the bottom of this blog entry.

A New Class

Well, this “old dog” took the first of I hope several classes today, free at my local library.

Today, I attended a class in Basic Excel. The second in this series of Basic Excel classes will be next Thursday.  After that, there are classes in Advance Excel.

Although I have used Excel for several years, I have never made extensive use of it and thought it was time I learned more about using spreadsheets. The only real practical usage I have had was about 10 years ago when I used Excel to maintain statistics on a team I managed. That spreadsheet was set up by my boss and I merely maintained the stats in it.  This time, I am learning how to CREATE the spreadsheet and perhaps use it in some every day applications.

At any rate, whoever said, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” was wrong. Although I had a brief exposure to Excel 10 years ago, most of this morning’s class introduced this “old dog” to new information.

I’m anxious to learn more and see how I can apply it to some information in my daily life.

Our New Church Pastor

We at Fellowship Baptist Church in Longview, Texas, are blessed with a new pastor.

Galen Herrington and his wife, Angie, and son, Luke, joined us in mid-December, 2009.  Galen was a US Army Chaplain, serving at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, when our church called him to shepherd us.  Galen previously served overseas as a Chaplain in Iraq.

He and his wife have been such a blessing in our church. Galen doesn’t preach to us; he talks to us. His sermons touch our hearts and it is obvious that he is a man after God’s own heart. Everything he does is for the furtherance of the Gospel.

His wife, Angie, has taken over maintenance of our church website and is in the process of updating it at:


We hope if you are in the East Texas area, you will visit us at 1818 Springhill Road in Longview, Texas.  Sunday School for all ages is at 9:15 a.m. Sunday morning services follow at 10:30 a.m. Sunday evening services are at 6:00 p.m.   Wednesday evening Prayer Meeting, Youth Group, Mission Friends, Royal Ambassadors, and Girls’ Auxiliary all meet Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.  Additionally, there are various other ministries, including Study Groups throughout the week and a special service for teens and young people every other Saturday night.  Come visit us.

Today is Inauguration Day, 2009

Today is Inauguration Day, 2009, and as I watched the comings, goings, and finally the Oath of Office on television, I was struck by one unarguable fact:

Today’s ceremonies showed, once again, that the United States is among the few countries on Earth which regularly changes its leaders peacefully and as a matter of course, according to its laws.

Whether you voted for the new President or not (and I did not), I hope you will do as I have done: wish him well and pray for Godly leadership for him and for guidance in his tenure in the White House, and most of all, pray for our beloved Nation.

May God bless us all and may God bless our Nation.

Phone call from granddaughter, “Re”

I haven’t been here in quite awhile, not since our kitty, Maggie May, died on December 12, 2008.  That is FAR too long! In 2009, I am going to post more often.

I got a cool telephone call last night, just before midnight.  My oldest granddaughter, Marie “Re” Lianne called me out of the blue!  We talked for about 45 minutes, just catching up on “stuff.” It was great hearing from her. You can check out her Weblog in the Links section on the right.  She’s a freshman at George Mason University and a terrific young woman! I’m very proud of her, as I am all of my grandchildren.

Thanks, Re, for the call. Phone me anytime!

Our Kitty Died Today

Our youngest cat, Maggie May, a six and a half year old solid black longhair, died in our arms today. She had cancer.

We had known for several months that the end was coming. She began losing weight in April and the Vet performed every test known to veternary medicine on her, eliminating all the likely culprits like feline AIDS and feline leukemia. He finally diagnosed her with either stomach or intestinal cancer. He said he could do nothing more than open her up and do an exploratory surgery, but that would only confirm his diagnosis, not cure her and it would be horrendous on her. We chose not to put her through that.

She was with us to the end, but earlier this week it was evident the end was near. My wife, Jannie, and I dug a small grave in our front yard for her. Yesterday, she became incontinent and could no longer stand up on her own. She just lay in Jannie’s arms and looked up at her, staring at her with those big green eyes of hers, telling Jannie it was alright to let her go.

We took her to the Vet and he confirmed that she was unresponsive to stimuli and severely anemic and it was “past her time to go.”  He gave her a sedative and then an euthanasia shot and we held her as she slipped from this life into the arms of our loving Lord.

Do pets go to heaven?  I certainly hope so. We have hopes of holding her and chasing after her once again in heaven one day.

But today we are saddened. We have lost our dear Maggie May, and even though we still have two older cats: LilyPoo and Chloe, we will miss our little Maggie May.

May God bless everyone who has ever lost a pet.

‘King of Voiceovers’ Don LaFontaine Dies at 68

Don LaFontaine

LOS ANGELES — AP:  Don LaFontaine, the man who popularized the catch phrase “In a world where…” and lent his voice to thousands of movie trailers, has died. He was 68.

LaFontaine died Monday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center from complications in the treatment of an ongoing illness, said Vanessa Gilbert, his agent.

LaFontaine made more than 5,000 trailers in his 33-year career while working for the top studios and television networks.

In a rare on-screen appearance in 2006, he parodied himself on a series of national television commercials for a car insurance company where he played himself telling a customer, “In a world where both of our cars were totally under water…”

In an interview last year, LaFontaine explained the strategy behind the phrase.

“We have to very rapidly establish the world we are transporting them to,” he said of his viewers. “That’s very easily done by saying, `In a world where … violence rules.’ `In a world where … men are slaves and women are the conquerors.’ You very rapidly set the scene.”

LaFontaine insisted he never cared that no one knew his name or his face, though everyone knew his voice.

LaFontaine went on to work in the promo industry in the early 1960s. As an audio engineer, he produced radio spots for movies with producer Floyd Peterson.

When an announcer didn’t show up for a recording session in 1965, LaFontaine voiced his first narration, a promo for the film, “Gunfighters of Casa Grande.” The client, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, liked his performance.

LaFontaine remained active until recently, averaging seven to 10 voiceover sessions a day. He worked from a home studio his wife nicknamed “The Hole,” where his fax machine delivered scripts.

LaFontaine is survived by his wife, the singer and actress Nita Whitaker, and three daughters.

His funeral arrangements were pending.