Scottish Roots

MacGregor Despite Them Tombstone

New Auld Genealogy Chart  

  The grave above is that of Rob Roy, one of the greatest and most defiant MacGregors. The text to the left of the gravestone explains the 1617 Act of Scottish Parliament outlawing the Clan MacGregor, from which the Aulds are believed to have sprung when the MacGregors were forced to change their surname to several others.  The epitaph, “MacGregor despite them” is Rob Roy’s desire from beyond the grave to resist the authority of the Scottish Parliament which outlawed his MacGregor name. 

  The above genealogical chart traces the Auld family lineage back to the earliest Auld to arrive in America, James Auld: born in Ayrshire, Scotland, into the MacGregor clan which was forced to change its surname. It was researched and compiled by my son, HB Scott Auld III, and my sister, Jeri Lynn (Auld) Harness. 

   The tartan surrounding this blog is the MacGregor tartan.

   Click on either of the graphics above to enlarge it for better viewing. 

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  1. Hello, I also traced my ancestry back to James Auld and traced the line further back to the 1500’s. I’ve been trying to find concrete evidence of Auld being in the MacGregor bloodline but only found Auld being linked to Clan MacAulay, who pledged allegiance to Clan MacGregor. I would be interested in learning what you have found.


    • Matthew, most all of our research on the Auld line comes from my son, Chuck Auld. Are you by any chance on Wikitree? Chuck and I use Wikitree more than any other tool out there to trace our line. We just recently uncovered some allegiances of the Auld line to Clan MacGregor and would be happy to share with you. I will figure out a way to get my email to you and then we can take this conversation private. I will be in touch soon. Thank you for your comment.


      • Hello, I’ll sign up on WikiTree and find you there too. The recent info about the Auld-McGregor link might have come from me to Chuck in a recent exchange of emails we had. I found a few pages from the 1945-46 MacGregor Year Book that I sent to him yesterday about James Auld bearing MacGregor crests and such.


      • I think you may be correct. Chuck and I discussed those pages around midnight this morning. Let me know when you are on Wikitree. You will find me at:


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