A New Class

Well, this “old dog” took the first of I hope several classes today, free at my local library.

Today, I attended a class in Basic Excel. The second in this series of Basic Excel classes will be next Thursday.  After that, there are classes in Advance Excel.

Although I have used Excel for several years, I have never made extensive use of it and thought it was time I learned more about using spreadsheets. The only real practical usage I have had was about 10 years ago when I used Excel to maintain statistics on a team I managed. That spreadsheet was set up by my boss and I merely maintained the stats in it.  This time, I am learning how to CREATE the spreadsheet and perhaps use it in some every day applications.

At any rate, whoever said, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” was wrong. Although I had a brief exposure to Excel 10 years ago, most of this morning’s class introduced this “old dog” to new information.

I’m anxious to learn more and see how I can apply it to some information in my daily life.

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