Amy Coney Barrett Becomes Newest Associate Justice

By HB Auld, Jr.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in as the newest Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court tonight. Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, the longest-serving Justice on the current Court, administered the Oath of Office to Justice Barrett in front of her husband, Jesse, and a crowd of supporters in front of the White House tonight.

Justice Barrett will repeat the Oath of Office in a private ceremony Tuesday, October 27, 2020, at the Supreme Court. Court Chief Justice John Roberts will administer that private Oath.

Justice Barrett is known as an “originalist” in her defense of the US Constitution. She defines an originalist as: “Originalism is characterized by a commitment to two core principles. First, the meaning of the constitutional text is fixed at the time of its ratification. Second, the historical meaning of the text ‘has legal significance and is authoritative in most circumstances.'”

Justice Barrett ‘s resume contains a long list of accomplishments, including attending Rhodes College in Tennessee where she majored in English Literature and French, graduating first in her law class at Notre Dame University, one year of service as a law clerk for the late Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, fifteen years as a law professor at her alma mater at Notre Dame, and three years as a Judge on the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

The 48-year old jurist and her husband, Jesse Barrett, have seven children, including two children adopted from Haiti. Justice Barrett comes from a large family, herself. She is the eldest of seven children, with five sisters and one brother. Her family is devoutly Catholic. Her father has served as an Ordained Deacon for 38 years. She is of French descent and grew up outside of New Orleans, LA, in the suburb of Metairie.

The New Insurance Mandate

Yesterday, June 28, 2012, SCOTUS, the Supreme Court of the United States, upheald as constitutional, MOST of the “Affordable Health Care Act,” commonly known as “ObamaCare.”

The Court said that the President of the United States (POTUS) CANNOT mandate that US citizens MUST buy health insurance, BUT the President CAN charge a “tax” (fine, levy, choose your own synonym) upon citizens who do not purchase health insurance!


You can’t make me buy it, but you can tax/fine me if I don’t?  That sounds like double-talk to me. Am I missing something here?  Is that John Roberts’ way of having his cake and eating it, too?  John Roberts, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, said, in effect, “You can’t make people do this, but if they don’t you can tax them for it.”

That just does not make sense to me.  It appears at least some of the people will skip purchasing health insurance for themselves or their families, and let the US tax them…depending on how much the tax will be.

We live in interesting times, do we not?