An Awesome Anthem in Church Today

Our Praise Team Leader at Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Paris, Texas, Danny White, led the Praise Team in a wonderful anthem this morning during the offertory: “Days of Elijah.” Thank you, Danny, for a great interpretation of this anthem.

The song was written by Robin Mark in 1994. As Robin explains it, the song is primarily about hope. It sings of Righteousness, Restoration, and the Days of Harvest. You can read Robin’s entire explanation behind his song here:

The Story Behind the “Days Of Elijah”

There are many versions of “Days of Elijah” on the Internet, including a beautiful one by Twila Paris, but I found one (posted below) by the US Marines especially touching. I hope you will, too.

As long as America has young men like this who not only love our Nation, but also love the Lord, all is not lost. All is gained.

Why Don’t They Sing On Sunday Anymore?

The following essay was written by Thom Schultz and originally published on his blog, Holy Soup.  You may email Thom at: .

My wife and I have had many of these experiences as we searched for a new church home after relocating. Look around you this Sunday during church.  Do you see only a few congregants singing?  Maybe these are some of the reasons.

Why Don’t They Sing On Sunday Anymore?