Our Grandson Will be a US Marine

by HB Auld, Jr.

One of our grandsons has joined the US military. Jaiden Auld will one day soon be a United States Marine.

Jaiden is the youngest son of my youngest son, Chuck Auld. I am like Chuck this morning; I have run the full gamut of emotions from pride and joy to absolutely terrified for his safety.

According to Chuck, this is something that Jaiden has planned for and wanted to do for a year. He has worked on his stamina and strength and built both of them up. Formerly, when a young man or woman joined the US Marines, they were pretty much shipped right out to Basic Training. Now, they have a program called “Poolies,” where men and women who join in the same area meet and work together as a “pool” of recruits-to-be. The allows them to build a camaraderie and esprit de corps for several months, up to a year, before they all go to Basic Training as a cohesive group. Occasionally, one will leave the group and go early, if an opening becomes available and both the Recruiter and the Poolie believe they are ready, but generally, they go in as a group.

While this is certainly not about me but ALL about Jaiden, as a career Sailor who is the son of a World War II Infantryman, I am so very proud that Jaiden has chosen to serve his Nation as a member of the United States Marine Corps.

Please pray for him, and all of the other service members today, who have chosen to answer this call.

The photos here are of Jaiden and his USMC Recruiter, Sergeant Ross.

God bless these men and women and God bless America.

Oooo-RAH and Semper Fi, Grandson!