Remember Goliad!

by HB Auld, Jr.

“Remember Goliad.”

No, it does not have the same ring as “Remember the Alamo,” but it is just as important.

On this day, March 27, 1836, a Palm Sunday, more than 340 “Texians” under the command of Colonel James W. Fannin, were either marched or (in the case of the wounded), carried out behind the Presidio de Goliad mission and executed at point-blank range by the Mexican army. This, after surrendering with the condition that they be treated as Prisoners of War and spared. Colonel Fannin was one of the last to be executed, forced to watch as his men were executed. He had but three requests: Do not shoot him in the face, send his belongings to this family, and give him a Christian burial. He was promised all three and then all three requests were violated. A dark day, indeed, for the fight for Texas Independence from Mexico.

But a brighter day was coming. Just 25 days later, General, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was defeated by Texas General Sam Houston at the Battle of San Jacinto.

Remember the Alamo.

Remember Goliad.

God bless Texas.

(Some of the information for this post was provided by Texas historian and writer, Tara Ross, on her daily history post.)

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