A Great New Novel; A Suspense Thriller

Force No One 01

I just finished a great debut novel.

Force No One by Daniel Charles Ross, is a suspense thriller that will keep you up nights, reading head-long to the conclusion.

Here is my review of this novel that I posted on Amazon:

Force No One, a debut novel by Daniel Charles Ross, grabbed me with the opening paragraphs and never let go until the end.  When it was over, I found myself wanting more from this author.

I believed the scenes he set in Detroit and Dearborn and could tell the author had been there.  The scenes in Afghanistan were realistic and thrilling. The characters he created were real to me and most of all, I cared what happened to them. The chapters are short and introduced with quotes from historical figures from Eisenhower, Churchill, Patton, and even gonzo journalist, Hunter Thompson, and many others.  

The nail-biting action kept me turning the pages right up to the surprise conclusion. This suspense thriller is the first of what promises to be a series of more great novels to come.

I cannot wait for his next one, Force Majeure, a tantalizing chapter of which is included at the end of this novel, just to whet your appetite.  

Daniel Charles Ross is a bright new author that will keep his audience coming back for much more for many years to come.


I strongly recommend this novel to readers who enjoy page-turning suspense thrillers with edge-of-your chair technology action reminiscent of Tom Clancy.


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