A Guilty Pleasure

Recently, Sweet Wife prepared another of her wonderfully delicious meatloaves, a recipe from her late mother that is a Bar-B-Que Meatloaf.

She asked me later if I wanted a meatloaf sandwich.  Now, I have heard of this before, but always refused, thinking how could anyone like a sandwich that is sure to drip all over the consumer, making a sure mess in the process, and besides, how could you possibly keep all of the meatloaf in the sandwich.  I have always refused this offer in the past.

For some reason, I decided to try one…just one…this one time.  Oh my goodness!  How have I not tried this before now?  A warm meatloaf sandwich made with Chiabatta bread has become my new guilty pleasure.

Surprisingly, the meatloaf stayed in the sandwich and there was very little dripping out and making a mess.

Later, she also offered a “cold meatloaf sandwich.”  Hey, one step at a time!  I don’t think I am ready for that.  After all, I don’t eat cold pizza or cold fried chicken.  Let’s just stick with a nice warm meatloaf sandwich.

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