The Floods of 2015

This is a video shot from a drone by Paris, Texas, videographer, Tony Corso, of the Red River just before Highway 271 over it was closed to traffic.

Six weeks of rain in Texas have produced record floods in Texas.

In North Texas, the month of May was the wettest May on record in the 117 years of record-keeping.  The month is the third wettest month of ANY month in that 117 years.  Only April, 1922, and April, 1942, were wetter than May, 2015.

All of the lakes in North Texas have overflowed their banks, as has the Trinity River that flows through Dallas and many other North Texas towns and cities.

The mighty Red River which slices apart the states of Texas and Oklahoma has risen so much that the four-lane Highway 271 north of Paris, Texas, and south of Hugo, Oklahoma, was finally closed to traffic until the historic river recedes.

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